As a complex human, I have MANY passions & curiosities. Life is happening QUICK with or without me & honestly my biggest fear is growing old & living in a state of "I wish I would of just DONE IT."  SO, here is a conclusion that I have come to from experience.. RUN TO ANYTHING... Continue Reading →

HELLO, Corona.

China. Corona. Market crash. Earthquakes. panic. DEPTH. The Phoenix rising... This morning I woke up to an earthquake. Soon after, I went on a drive & had a white Dove fly in front of my windshield.. She's a messenger, divinely telling humanity that this is a new beginning... WE ARE HERE! The time everyone has... Continue Reading →

Emotionless.. Emotion vs Logic.

Emotions: Instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge. I have been dating around a bit lately. If you follow my philosophies, you know that any encounter I have with a human I am consciously tuning into what I can learn from them. They are essentially a mirror of me. If we vibrationally... Continue Reading →


Love: An intense feeling of deep affection. It’s true! I really really do! I have been through so much! Life has thrown so many punches at me. I’ve been on so many emotional rollercoasters. Have been in so many mind funks & confusions. I have discovered so much of myself through these struggles & hard... Continue Reading →

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