Do you REALLY love them though?

OoOoOohhhhh SNAP. A full moon this month, April 7th, 2020 in Libra. The sign ruled by Venus, the planet of LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, and MONEY. Libra is the harmonious scale. If something is off and unfair, the Libra instantly feels it. This is the effect we will be feeling the next few days. (If not much longer.) It’s already one major change in perspective being quarantined, but now with this full supermen, we are being forced to look at what’s not bringing us true joy & inner peace within our lives through ONE BIG MICROSCOPE.

We won’t be able to avoid it. The feeling & realization of uncomfortableness & unfairness will be boldly apparent the next few days. The cool part to me is the idea of the Corona Virus forcing people to take action on their realization’s sooner rather than later. Why? Because it’s easy to distract yourself with friends, work, gaming, social media and all the things to not look at the “off” stuff. Now we can’t run, we can’t hide. We are stuck with the reality & world we chose to create and participate in. No excuses y’all, now is the time to be real with yourself whether or not you want to continue forward with certain aspects in your reality.  It will be blindly apparent if thing are now making you feel good, because once something is analyzed long enough, the details inevitably come out to play. Thats what makes a conscious person right? The ability to become quickly aware of what in her life is feeling truly good/ not good on a soul level. Realzing if some place, something, some habit, some person really is for her GREATEST GOOD.

God is so cool for creating the moon & the influence she has on us. The full Luna not only brings great tides to da surfers, but also shakes up our emotional tides within our little oceans we call bodies. (As we are more than 70% of water.) Water stores information/ emotion. (It’s science) Emotion: ENERGY IN MOTION. So let er’ rip! Feel all the tides this full moon 1000%. Appreciate what come’s up to shore & take the time to acknowledge & appreciate all the goodies, for it is showing you where you are at & what is possible for your future after getting rid of the things no longer feeling cozy and yummy for you.

When we make room energetically by getting rid of the old, God gets stoked to give you a magical present quick! CHRISTMAS!!!!! We are not greedy beaches who can’t let go of what once had a purpose & no longer does. We are constantly evolving & shedding old skins & so it is important to update our environments along with the new skins we are experiencing– because come on, none of it is coming with us to the other realms, detach little leaf. “As above, so below. As below, so above.”


xo, Jo Bright💋

PS: DON’T FORGET TO JOURNAL DURING THIS WHOLE EXPERIENCE! (YOU WILL REGRET IF YOU DO NOT. Journaling is therapy worth trillions. Please don’t judge your purging thoughts & feelings coming out onto those papers.)

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