As a complex human, I have MANY passions & curiosities. Life is happening QUICK with or without me & honestly my biggest fear is growing old & living in a state of “I wish I would of just DONE IT.”  SO, here is a conclusion that I have come to from experience.. RUN TO ANYTHING THAT TRIGGERS YOUR FANCY QUICK & HARD!!!!

“But why Jo? Isn’t it better to be cautious & move toward it slowly? You know, feel it out?” Sure, I suppose you could, but if the spark of interest is there, Why not run toward it. See what it feels like to run toward it, to put action toward it & see how it FEELS to be around it. The sooner I get my cute ass to that trigger, the sooner I realize what I truly want & don’t what– What feels good for me & what doesn’t. The more experiences I have in life, the more I grow & see patterns of what truly serve me or do not serve me– And while during this process, I’m TRUSTING THAT IF ITS MEANT TO BE, IT WILL BE.


The way I see it, the faster I go the less time I waste. I suppose there is a scale, but I believe the scale should be more on the quick side. Sparks can only last so long & you are noticing the beautiful spark for a reason!!! Like I always say, “Comfort killed the cat.” aaannnndddd “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” The more we DO DO DO the more we LEARN LEARN LEARN. True learning is through experience. You wanna ask that girl out, GO DO IT with no expectation. You’ll walk out proud that you tried, even if it mean “rejection.” What I truly find respectable is a human that chooses to keep trying just as hard no many how many times he “falls”, Because a wise human knows that becoming your best version REQUIRES you to TRY TRY TRY TRY TRY until you die with what your goal is. If you desire something, ANY little spark, run to the spark, study the spark, feel the spark & watch your world & consciousness grow. Watch yourself become more wise, self aware & understood.

A human who can spot patterns & weak spots within herself is a one who understands God. One who understand God understands humanity, & your limited ego will not be such a judgmental ass all the time. You become humble. You become Christ like & give yourself permission to rise & fall over and over again with pride– And you take pride because you know that your human & were all just students of life. We are all on this adventure of realizing more with time. Let us not diss God because of F.E.A.R. False. Evidence. Becoming. Real. Thats the “devil” or as I call it, the limited ego. This ego is not always in your best interest. Tune into thy emotions & feelings & you’ll develop the confidence to go after life 100%. You’ll discover your essence again & not continue to live in old conditioned patterns from the media, schools, parents & governments. Tune into your own drum & dance. IT TRULY IS A DISS TO GOD TO NOT LIVE IT UP.. it also means a lack of trust & faith. So grab your pixie dust and LET’S FLY! LET’S LIVE!!!! CHEERS.


ILY. Jo 💋



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