I’ve Left Many Relationships, Here Is Why⚡️

Relate. Relation. Ship. Relationship.


For the most part, iv’e always been the one to end the relationship. I think it takes a courageous person to be the one to call it off. Yes, it is hard to be the one to call it off, but it’s probably more hard for the other person because it’s kind of just.. sprung on them. A lot of the time my partners knew it was toxic, they just couldn’t be the one to cut the cord, because its uncomfortably comfortable for them, & humans like the known & comfortable. Change is typically scary for us because it is entering the unknown, & that is risky because we can’t anticipate what will come next. This is when faith is truly tested & our ego must TRUST the process to the new.

I see everything as one big whole. I feel we are all connected on a soul level. There are billions of humans on this planet, & I choose to learn something from every single one of them. Whether it’s a new realization of something I do want, I don’t want, a mindset tool, a word of advice in a certain situation.. Whatever it is, each human encounter & bring some kind of awareness to my psyche.

I believe dating someone is SUCH AN HONOR. For me & for them. To choose to be in a committed union with a complex & ever-changing human vortex is a big & beautiful deal. We are choosing to compromise with them, love them for who they are, while being humbled in the process. We are learning how to effectively communicate & every day learning about them & ourselves as well. The effect a person can have on us & allowing them in our energetic aura & field in a BIG DEAL. why? Because who we choose to be with WILL EFFECT OUR WELLBEING, LIFESTYLE, PROGRESSION & LIFE because WE ARE WHO WE SURROUND OURSELF WITH.

For me, I am firm in the fact that I am on a mission in this lifetime to BE THE GREATEST version of myself possible. It is in fact, MY DUTY on this planet. Because the more I strive to become MY greatest version, THE MORE I SUPPORT HUMANITY. Be they example. Focus on you, your goals, your joys, your passions, your unique balance, your boundaries, your desires & YOU WILL BE HAPPY, WE ARE HERE TO BE HAPPY IN A QUALITY WAY.

Seeing that every human is a reflection of me & I am learning from everyone what feels good for me personally & what doesn’t feel good, keeps me in check of my boundaries & what I will & will not put up with. Sometimes we put up with toxicity for awhile because that process is necessary to understand & remember our worth. Realizing again what we are truly worthy of. (THE BEST)

I leave relationships because I see that a lot of people are just stepping stones for me to hop on until I realize on this adventure what I truly want & will be willing to settle down with. (For awhile at least. I don’t have expectation for the relationship because what’s meant to be will be, & I trust that flow.) Every one has they’re darkness & there lights, but I believe a lot of us settle in unhappy relationships because THERE IS NO TRUST THAT WHAT YOU TRULY WANT & DESIRE EXISTS. There is this mentality OF LACK on this planet. Lack meaning, NO TRUST THAT GOD IS CONSTANTLY OFFERING YOU THE BEST, YOU JUST HAVE TO MAKE ROOM FOR HIM TO SET IT DOWN IN YOUR LIFE. What you desire exists & If we are always holding on to the old & known, WE WILL NOT GROW as fast as we could & will not have what we truly want as soon as we could.

I break up with humans because I feel that they’re teachings & purpose coming into my life has been fulfilled. I have learned & grown from this person & it’s now time to move on to the next teacher & reflection. I loved hard, I went HARD, but I cannot & WILL NOT settle into this thinking that this is IT. IF YOU CANT CONTINUE TO GROW & EVOLVE WITH MY SOUL, I CONTINUE TO WALK SOLO DOLO.

It’s sad, it’s hard, it’s scary & lonely at times, but all these side effects are TEMPORARY EMOTIONS. I always look back knowing I did that right thing, & I am SO PROUD OF MYSELF. My little 6 year old self deserves the best life! Full of laughter, healthy boundaries, health, understanding, solid communication & compromise! I love the relationship I have with myself & it’s just such a beautiful bonus & cherry on top when I can find a sexy mate to love life with me!!

You absolutely deserve THE BEST. Be your best & the rest will organically follow. God has got your back & WILL SEND YOU THE FINEST. Trust. Breathe. Relax & let go. Everything is unfolding, just allow the process to guide you. WE WILL NOT SETTLE. We are students of life & will continue to learn from all that we come across in this adventure– And we are GRATEFUL FOR ALL. I LOVE YOU. Cheers to the ADVENTURE WE CALL LIFE! LET’S LIVE IT UP OR ELSE IT IS A DISS TO GOD & YOURSELF!!!!!!! #Trustyourself

xo, Jo💋

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