Shoulda woulda coulda.

IF I KNEW BETTA, I WOULD OF DONE BETTA– But I can’t go back now. Now, i’m dealing with the results of my actions, of the cause & effect that I have experienced. Because I understand that every action & cause has some degree of effect.

I dunno about you, but I still feel like a kid. (Did you know your pre-frontal cortex is not developed until the age of 27? This is the part of the brain that makes practical choices.) I love figuring out life as I go along! I love questioning societies norms & figuring “it out” for myself! I believe you truly learn by actually going through it yourself. It’s the example of Christ, feel the pain & suffering for everyone, so he can TRULY UNDERSTAND the pain. It wasn’t just an IDEA, for him, it was an EXPERIENCE. He ventured off on a solo adventure & came to a love & understanding within himself & thus, humanity as a whole. SO GO! LIVE IT UP & YOU WILL UNDERSTAND YOUR VERSION OF LIFE FOR YOURSELF. You’ll understand the connectedness, the oneness, & the universal truth that God is within all things! The only way to understand thyself & God is to GO BIG & TRY ALL THE THINGS! Jimi Hendrix anyone? EXPERIENCE. This is only way to actually activate the heart chakra. The space of abundant & infinite love. Seeing I am all & all is me– & I figure this out by making “all” the mistakes.

I believe that energy can not be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred. It’s kinda science 101. (I love how science backs up spirituality.)
Our essence has existed eternally & time is relative, so no matter where we are existing, (For us, it’s currently on planet earth) the objective of being is to become conscious of our frequency & growth. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?

It means that this short life time is an opportunity for us to become aware of what feels good to us & what doesn’t feel good to us so we can vibrate mind, body & spirit higher & faster. (Hence, a light being.) When we grow the courage, trust, & faith with oneself, you find yourself BOLDLY removing the things that DO NOT FEEL GOOD TO US. These are things, people, situations, place & beliefs that no longer serve us & our well being– because what it truly means to live is to only accept of the things that are of  quality & bringing you joy. However we need to remember that to gain this strength to let go, is exercised through experiences. Aka life lessons. (For I am a constant student & teacher simultaneously.)

As you begin to take the action of letting the old go, it energetically creates an available space for God & universe to deliver to you what you are seeking, you know, the things of more quality & higher purpose. You know what they say.. ONE DOOR CLOSES & ANOTHER ONE OPENS.

HOWEVER, Here is the thing with life.. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. The only constant in life is change. People, circumstances, places & thoughts are temporary. EVERYTHING that is in your reality is there for the purpose of teaching you what you like & what you don’t like– Then having the courage to remove with love & compassion what you no longer desire in your reality & vortex. While in that continual removing process you’re realizing you’re grateful for ALL because ALL is a lesson of self realization. Tastes change, growth is constant & realizations come, & so, naturally, shifts happen & it’s importantly that we are always analyzing our lives & seeing what can be removed so we can UPDATE COMPLETELY. LIFE CHANGE CANNOT BE DONE BY STAGNANCY & HOLDING ON TO THE “ONCE WAS.” Let go to let god!

HERE IS WHAT I AM GETTING AT. We are on this planet to become peaceful warriors. A true warrior doesn’t grow by training in the same environment with the same scenarios, a warrior grows by getting out of the comfort zone of where one learned & seeks the opportunities to put learned skills & knowledge to the test! The warrior lives her life with the objective to feel good & constantly switching things up to find all the feel goods. If obstacles come in her way & she doesn’t achieve the intended result, SHE STUDIES IT & REALIZES WHAT SHE WILL DO NEXT TIME TO SUCCEED. She chooses to see THE LESSONS FROM IT. She realize’s.. “I NEVER LOSE. I EITHER WIN, OR LEARN.” Because if we knew better, we would of done better.

Growth cannot happen without darkness. Without a struggle nothing gets gained. This goes for a strong rooted tree, a strong human body, a strong mindset, a strong faith, a strong relationship, a strong tolerance.. NO PAIN NO GAIN! Suffering is inevitable until you truly achieve the state of actualization! This takes much time & energy to go inward & JUST BE. THIS TAKES STRUGGLE. SO if you expect to become a light being like jesus just because you have “faith” & yet your not putting that faith to action, you will suffer because we are to to shift & evolve with the moon phases, seasons & nature! I challenge this generation of TECH HEADZ to challenge yourself. Put the phone down & learn to be a present human again. A self aware being who is on the path of consciously learning & evolving with what ever life brings them.

I HAVE NO REGRETS, because everything is happening for me, not to me. This beautiful life is the opportunity to become a light being myself. A MASTER OF SELF. I believe there is no such thing as right or wrong, ONLY RESONANCE, so I stay in my own unique lane. I am not below or above no one, I look to myself only to find what I am really made of.. LIGHT & LOVE! I love this adventure of realizing me & my core essence again. It’s quiet the ride & I love having you on this adventure with me! LET’S GO BIG!!!!!!

Cheers! xx, Jo

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