HELLO, Corona.

China. Corona. Market crash. Earthquakes. panic. DEPTH. The Phoenix rising…

This morning I woke up to an earthquake. Soon after, I went on a drive & had a white Dove fly in front of my windshield.. She’s a messenger, divinely telling humanity that this is a new beginning…

WE ARE HERE! The time everyone has anticipated. A collapse. A burn. DEATH. We are at a place where your trendy outfits no longer matter! Your selfies no longer matter, your perfectly done eye lashes & new kicks JUST DON’T MATTER. We are at a place where we are being FORCED to look into the deep & dark truths. The stuff we have been so luxuriously been able to run away from because its un comfortable. HA. Not any more loves, the day has come where the SHIFT becomes very apparent– & every shift means MAJOR change. We are DONE with the bullsh*t on this planet. An organic cleaning is taking place. A spring time deep cleaning within the planet & ourselves.

Mother Gaia says hello! She is back to bring BALANCE on this planet again. After decades of hurting her by the consumption of low quality products, supporting the usage of unnecessary plastic, littering, & not giving a shit about her.. WELL, now our actions are having an BOLD EFFECT! We are now lookin at the result of our poor behavior. This is going to be a HUGE wake up call for the humanity. The ones that choose to seek quality in the material. For the ones who prioritize the temporary satisfactions & don’t understand that they’re egotistical actions have karmic effects. THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL FOLKS. Ignorance can only take you so far!!! To think that treating her poorly wouldn’t have a global effect. SHAME ON US! We deserve to see some shit go down, to wake people up from their foolish behavior. The sad part is, how they are treating her, they are treating THEMSELVES– SO, she’s here & to teach a few people…


Am I scared? No. I’m not. I knew the big SHAKE UP & shift would happen sooner or later. Honestly, it might sound weird, but I thrive in this chaos. Why? Because as a spiritual woo woo wooper, I know that my rooted faith in myself, God & the Tao is REAL. Whats meant to be will be. I just keep cruising in my own lane. Prioritizing meditation, fitness, journaling & deep breaths to stay in tune & inspired.  I trust myself to make the right moves, because I have been rooting in meditation daily, humbling myself & becoming vulnerable to the higher & ever so beautifully flowing Tao. This Tao runs through me, through all of us! I just choose to tune in everyday to it. (F*** the news & fear.) I feel like this fighter is ready to FIGHT! Fight and flow. I am a warrior who fights with love, trust, instinct, & some twisted compassion.

So, here we are. TOGETHER in this wild time. A time of humanity being FORCED to sit home & look into their reality a bit deeper. Getting deeper into their emotions, priorities, loves & fears. This is an opportunity to really create a shift in oneself, & by doing this is how you will grow, expand, & strengthen in this crazy & evolutionary time.



xoxo, Jo💋

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