How & Why You Should Be A Disciple Of TOUGH LOVE🐅

⚡️Tough: Not easily broken, weakened, or defeated.

⚡️Love: Warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion.


It all started when I began to WAKE UP. I began seeing things differently after I started questioning my reality 6 years ago. My life was dark & low. I had no drive. My body hurt, I lacked self worth, my confidence was -0 & I found myself unhappy in many of my relationships.


The conclusion that I came to was the big realization that my “imperfect” upbringing gave me the result of having multiple unhealthy defense mechanism‘s- & with that came anxiety & deep sadness. I dealt with neglect so I became a bully to my sister. I had been told my questions were “stupid” in school so I shut my mouth so I wouldn’t feel like the idiot. I would be shamed if I stated my opinion or told someone how I really feltso I began the habit of lying & walking around truth of how I felt. I wouldn’t fit in if I didn’t wear the latest trends.. I lost the PURE & true me.


The fact of the matter is, my 8 year old self who learned to guard myself from hurt & pain is STILL inside of me! I am still that little Jojo. She is with me everywhere I go & the current me is the outcome of the upbringing — & honestly the only one who can give her the love, nurturing, validation & safety that she so desperately needs will only be given by the number one source.. ME! The current me. No parent is perfect & I will no longer rely on any one to complete me but me💛

✨After my realization that there was a wounded warrior inside of me, I quickly picked her up on my shoulders & I go to her 24/7 asking what she needs- what she feels. She let’s me know if more nutrients are needed in her body, if more fun play needs to occur, more creation, less or more of certain people, more or less of certain environments & tapping into new fun experiences to fuel her curiosities & stimulation- for she is a WILD one!!🐅

✨Beginning the process of listening to my little one has been the most fulfilling & progressive adventure on the planet. My little Jojo is so adventurous! Curious! Healing & bluntly honest! I love her! She takes me to new heights, gets me out of my comfort zone.. because she wants to LIVE it up after being filled up with love & attention from her main source! She has learned boundaries! She seeks CONSTANT GROWTH l!! She has learned to leave people & places that don’t make her core feel good! She is tuned in. She knows what’s up. I embrace this little girl as the AUTHENTIC badass that she is. I love her.🧚🏼‍♀️

✨I AM A DISCIPLE OF TOUGH LOVE because I realize that true love is not always rainbows & hallow words & actions. I demand truth. I demand loyalty, I demand fairness & GROWTH. I am addicted to QUALITY because that is the path I’m walking — quality in ALL ways. I am a WARRIOR striving to a pure Goddess consciousness. A women who knows she is the best & is worthy of the best. BUT here is the most beautiful thing about this warrior that I am…🌼

✨I want to surround myself with people who are feeding their little warrior inside the love too. I want to surround myself with wholes who believe that we are students of life. (Teachers too but that’s a whole other blog post) I want my homies to give me a punch of tough love & tell me something I can work on. Something that might make me a better me. They are doing this because being on this path of courage, strength & growth.. WE DEMAND CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. It’s essential for our growth. We are here as brothers & sisters to help each other reach our greatest potential & to see new things that we might now be aware of! Sometimes people easily see things in you that you don’t realize. We are so complex & infinite…

✨Conclusion folks– Start with looking in the mirror. Look into your eyes for a couple minutes. What does that little human need. What’s is she/ he craving & feeling? Write it down. Become aware. Then from there consciously live a lifestyle dedicated to that human. She will whisper to you what she likes to do, where she wants to live, who she wants to be with, how she feels at ALL times. Then you’ll find yourself surrounded by humans who are living the same lifestyle & you will co create, & you will find that they will love you for YOU & they will help point out unconscious things to that little being, & you will be grateful because what a blessing it is to have humans around you who love you to the degree that they want to see you in awareness, consciousness & BLISS! Now THAT is love.


Xo:: Jöjö

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