How I Move Through Life With Ease & TRUST🌊

✨I feel foggy. I thought I knew where I was going for my next foot step forward this new season.. but now it just feels off. I remember in my younger 20’s & thinking I knew what was going to happen to a T. ” Im gonna do this,, that,, this & that.” It’s the mindset of thinking I KNOW that is truly the root of my suffering.

✨Allow me to explain. When you think you know what’s going to happen in life,, it causes expectation. When we have expectation of something we then retreat too far into the ego mind & lack trust in God. Higher power. Your higher self. Whatever you wanna call it,, you’ve lost trust in the PROCESS– the organic flow state. That thing we call FAITH is deceased. ✨Here is a news flash– IT WONT GO AS YOU HAVE PLANNED,, & it’s because of the simple fact that it can’t go as planned,, because EVERTHING IS ALWAYS CHANGING.

✨Energy,, matter,, cells are constantly in motion. Everything that you can perceive is in a vibration. EVERTHING that exists is vibrating. NOTHING IS STILL– knowing this,, what makes us think that we can control & pin down what “we want” to a T? Because to an extent we can! We can gain some clarity & insight on what we want & manifest it & achieve it.. but we must remain open to the fact that higher consciousness knows BEST of what we want. Trust her. Trust him. TRUST THIS. Do the actions to get what you want,, but be flexible on that process & what the end result may look like for you.

✨Here is what I’ve recognized in my 27 years of living. Life is like a big beautiful coloring book. Each page being a phase in life. NOW,, I could look at it & think I know how it’s going to look,, but really I won’t know the details of each pattern until I begin the conscious PROCESS of realizing WHAT I DON’T WANT & move forward with confidence,, because once you’re aware of what doesn’t feel good for you,, YOU CAN TRUST you won’t go for an old & naive way of thinking because once you are bluntly aware of something,, you just can’t go back. “If I knew better I would do better. Every move I make in life is showing me more clearly on what I desire– what matters most.”  ONE STEP AT A TIME BABY. ONE PATTERN AT A TIME in that coloring book. In that phase. “I for sure don’t want my next place of living to be like this,, to feel like this,, to have this certain thing.” You feel me? SET BOUNDARIES. In every aspect of life.

✨Have a vision,, have a genuine & hyped feeling of having what you want & then let the flow take you there however it’s supposed to be. I’m not sure what the next move is more me. I am foggy. BUT,, I know there is a light of CLARITY & OPPORTUNITY on it’s way right NOW. I FEEL IT. It’s destiny coming to me. It’s my karma coming based on how iv’e living in my worth & getting rid of old people,, things,, places,, prices,, & belief systems no longer serving me. I AM BEING REWARDED because I have discovered MUCH of what I don’t want this past summer & I have been taking ACTION on what ever is not in alignment with my new standards & boundaries. Trust your journey. TRUST YOU,, & TRUST FLOW. You are where you’re supposed to be I PROMISE YOU THAT. Live & learn.


#Letmehearyouroar!! xo,, Jojo💋


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