With the fellas, I’m speaking up QUICK!!⚡️

You know when you just feel the vibes? The strong undercurrent of sensual & flirty vibes from the male specie? IT CAN BE AWKWARD if it’s not reciprocated!! It literally made me not want to hang out with them at all. So here is what helped me.

✨I began setting boundaries & speaking up on where I’m at FROM THE GET GO. I’ve been doing this for the past year A LOT & it is funny,, invigorating & empowering! Seriously the reaction of the man who is lurking lustfully in my vibration is SO caught off guard & taken back— not only that but they gain SO much RESPECT for you. QUEEN BEE in da house! Don’t fuck with me,, bb!💛 Its tough love I tell yah! “Look dude,, I love who you are & hanging with you! It’s fun! But I’m not interested in any thing more.” Or,, here is a scenario that happened 3 frickin’ times in the past couple months. “ I think your rad,, but I’m never gonna sleep with you Jack!” Doing this has saved me a lot of time & energy. Instead of slowly beating around a bush,, I cut right through it & get to the point ASAP. If they choose to still hang with you after,, GROOVY! If not,, still groovy!

I’ve realized in my 27 years of life that I only want people in my life that I can be real & honest with. If they still love me & except me for me than I’m SO GRATEFUL. Because I’m grateful for the REAL in life. The real honest people,, (honesty is true love) the real #organic food & The real quality products & materials.

So for ladies that like to hang with the broskis,, this one is for you. So we can make it a real & authentic hang out from the get go. Nobody’s got time for the uncomfortable & unreciprocated energy. You feel me?! ILY🌼

Xo,, Jöjö 💋

#letmehearyouroar! 🐅

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  1. JoJo, Tell it like it is, Good One….Shame on those guys who can’t read your heart, ( poor listenning skills, including body language) so you feel you need to verbalize…” Not Interested” ..But why are your attracting this type…( Law of Attraction)

    Of course you decided within 10 seconds.. about Broski, and he didn’t hear it, How bothersome., such is the glorious state of men these days, trying to sell their souls, wandering around wondering what happened, never listening, never learning, always returning to the mirror, but never seeing., setting GOALS for themselves and the “Siskis.”

    So there, Continue your great Work helping the Siskis to Love themselves enough get to Healthy ( incl. beauty of countenance) , being mindful of what is True and Honest, and Feminine Fortitude to remove the Insecurities .

    A woman who feels unworthy, will never find solace or peace in trusting another, for they will project that subliminal Judgment onto a Broski. Who in her eyes would not be worthy of her. THE END…And we do not want to be Judgmental , Do We?

    Worth is based on Truth and Honesty, and they that seek these build a strong foundation the ” Groovy”..

    Look into The Mirror, There stands the Truth, but is any wise enough to see it? I think not, at least without The Gift of Special Glasses…In this life we see in The Fog, later Face to Face.

    Truth, Honesty and LOVE, but the Greatest of These is LOVE, for God is LOVE,

    SEEK LOVE….HIM., TRUST HIM, BE HONEST WITH HIM…Break open your heart, Let Him fill it …LOVE, Himself.

    So Revel in Truth and Honesty in Your Retreat…Shine the Light Siski.


    1. I was definitely attracting a certain breed because there were aspects of myself that I wasn’t giving attention to! Grateful for the dedication I have to myself & my growth. Cheers my brother!!! xx

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