Tarot Cards & Jesus⚡️

I grew up as a Christian. Specifically a Mormon. It wasn’t until I graduated high school that I really started to question & wonder things. “Is God a dude in the sky? Who made the dude in the sky? Who or what made that dude who made the other dudes?” With the help of the plant medicine Ganja I started seeing things differently. I got a little deeper within myself & what really resonated with me. I realized as I did some introspection within myself,, I got more clear on who God is…✨

I went through all the phases & beliefs. Well… a lot of them. I went from Christian,, to Atheist,, to Wicca,, to Buddhist & then to what I am now. EVERYTHING. ✨I was watching this interview with Jim Carrey a couple years back. He was showing the interviewer his meditation spot. The interviewer replied saying,, “ So you’re a Buddhist then?” Jim replies,, “ Sure! I’m a Buddhist,, a Muslim,, a Christian,, an atheist. I’m whatever you want me to be!” ✨ I loved this so much because my soul resonated. I believe to be it all— & to be all means to be none. The idea of being identified under no specific label is freeing. It’s no expectation. The idea that NO ONE CAN PIN ME DOWN. ⚡️

Here is the thing. When I get into something,, I GET INTO IT. Like BALLS deep. Because I’m so curious & intrigued by it. ✨My time with the tarot cards,, psychics,, pendulums & crystal balls was fun. It was truly an eye opening & magical time for me. It solidified that energy & magic is the real deal. HOWEVER it got to a point where I was using all mystical tools except for the strongest & most POWERFUL one. ✨ MY INTUITION. MY COMPASS. I began to get a lot of anxiety because outside sources were dictating my life & getting in my head. Thought & fear that was put into my head & I would water it with energy— so essentially that outer source was dictating my life. (Because remember,, WHAT YOU FOCUS ON GROWS.) It just didn’t feel right. I felt out of control..because I was. I WAS GIVING MY POWER AWAY. How sad is THAT?

✨During my times of playing with the gadgets & gizmos I encountered a lot of eye opening experiences. ✨There was a time I was possessed for 12 hours & prayed to Jesus consciousness to shed pure light on me & my surrounding. I’m humble enough to ask for help! I understand Jesus was a conscious being that is a pure example of having found the god within. The POWER & SELF AWARENESS WITHIN. Any rad dude that has done that I will gladly ask for help & guidance. “Sup Buddha & Krishna!” ✨This other time I had a friend pass & as soon as I found out I got hit with not only sorrow & tears but his energy & essence came to me. I saw his golden orb come out of nothing,, chilled with me for a second,, calmed me down & then slowly vanished into the nothingness that he came through. I felt PEACE. He looked like the golden glowing orb that tinker bell looks like in the original Peter Pan movie. ✨ Just stunning.

So here is my beautiful conclusion brothers & sisters. ✨I’ve gone black & white & have found a peaceful gray balance. I believe there is a time & place for tarot & (I do my own readings most of the time) a time for Jesus to receive your energy. ✨I put neither on a pedestal but I do value both. Too much of anything is toxic & taking away your divine power. Appreciate all & damn nothing. Peace is realizing it ALL has a place & everything is divinely placed. Every person,, situation & thing. I call this “trusting the Tao.” Love all & find your unique balance that FEELS GOOD TO YOU! This is YOUR LIFE. Live YOUR own mold!

Xo,, Jöjö 💋

#letmehearyouroar 🐅

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  1. I grew up Christian as well and am currently trying to navigate my beliefs. Loved your perspective & positivity! It is so important to be aware and to practice balance within mind, body and soul!

    1. Totally! What people forget is that there is truth in all. When you realize this it’s a FUN process to discover YOUR unique lifestyle & belief system 💛Thanks for reading sister!!✨🌼🥂👯‍♀️

  2. JoJo, you are a true light in this world. I love all your passionate stories and teachings. You are a superwoman 💃🏼🌹

    1. HOW AM I JUST SEEING THIS! Takes a Super Women to know a Super Women! YOU ARE JUST A LIGHT IN MY LIFE! Thank you for being on this adventure with me my sister! ILY & thank you for your words!!!!!!! xo Jo

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