How I keep life FRESH & FUN!

Renew:  To make like new,  freshness stagnation: the state of not flowing or moving. lack of activity, growth, or development I guess you could say I’ve always had a desire for constant update & change. I’m a Taurus,, a spring babes. Spring is all about that renewal life— that energy that has realized the old... Continue Reading →

What is REIKI?

The word Reiki come from the japanese word Rei: "Universal Life" & Ki: "Energy" Do you remember those times in your youth when you would get injured & run to your mom & dad so they could make it better? A lot of the time they would kiss it "all better?" Dang, How did they... Continue Reading →

Be unapologetically YOU!!

Apology: A regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure. If there was any kind of chaos or offending made by me,, I would quickly say "Op,, Sorry!!" If there was any kind of confusion I would say that "sorry"  word in which I truly did not mean... At this time of my life I was a... Continue Reading →

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